10 Week Winter Challenge

...starting June 5th 2018


Your goal - lead a manageable healthier lifestyle.

Our goal - help you lead a sustainable healthier lifestyle.


We don't do before and after photos. We don't do unrealistic, fad diets.


We do do a damn good job at motivation, education and setting realistic goals.


This challenge is the kick start, refocus or motivational push you need to lead a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


Let’s face it. Winter sucks...when it comes to getting the motivation to exercise that is.


Getting up early on cold mornings, or heading out after work when it’s dark and miserable is hard work. All you want to do is go home, curl up on the couch and keep warm right?


What if we could help get you through winter (and beyond)?


We want to take you through a 10-week challenge that keeps you focused and accountable.  


The challenge will give you everything you need to successfully set up sustainable exercise and healthy eating habits.


Oh and did we mentioned that it is guaranteed to help you lose excess body fat and increase your fitness levels.


The Challenge Focus

  • Improve overall health and energy by lowering excess body fat and gaining muscle
  • Improve muscular strength and endurance and cardio fitness
  • Develop a regular and consistent exercise routine that is sustainable long-term


There’s nothing like a bit of competition to add to the motivation, right?


We’ll be handing out prizes at the end of the challenge for these results:

  • Most improved on strength/fitness test
  • Highest percentage of sessions attended
  • Biggest % change in body composition


The prizes include:

  • $500 worth of cash prizes
  • 6-month membership
  • 12 x 60 min PT sessions
  • Spot prizes from suppliers


What’s included?


You’ll get exactly what you need to get your own results. But because we are all made differently we’ve created 4 levels to suit different budgets and motivations.


Level One ($120 upfront):

  • Pre, mid and post body composition analysis & measurements
  • Pre, mid and post muscular strength and endurance testing/fitness testing
  • Access to all educational seminars and challenge fun/social nights
  • 10-week challenge manual
  • Fortnight nutrition plan and recipe guide
  • 2 x 30 min sports massages with one of our Beyond Physiotherapists
  • Home workout programme


Level Two - One Class Membership ($120 upfront plus $20pw)

  • Level One
  • Beyond Fitness One Class Membership.


Level Three - Silver Membership ($120 upfront plus $33pw)

  • Level One
  • Beyond Fitness Silver Class Membership


Level Four - Unlimited Membership ($120 upfront plus $44pw)

  • Level One
  • Beyond Fitness Unlimited Class Membership.


Personal Training (PT) Add-On

PT sessions give you individual specific sessions that provide extra motivation, guidance and knowledge. You need to choose a level above plus a PT add-on below.


PT Add On Member Rate Non Member Rate
1 x 60min $60 $75
6 x 60min $330 $432
10 x 60min $550 $720



Preliminary fitness testing starts on joining.

Seminars are run on a Tuesday at 7pm. See dates below.

Week 1 (5th June): Intro to challenge - Tips for success and nutrition low down

Week 3 (19th June): Fun/social night

Week 5 (3rd July) : Overcoming barriers and types of training  (Mid challenge fitness test week)

Week 7 (17th July): Fun/Social night

Week 10 (7th Aug): Final Week (Last fitness tests)

Week 11 (14th Aug) : Challenge wrap up and prize giving


New to exercise or worried about existing injuries? Don’t worry. We can cater to your needs with mat or reformer based Pilates. This is great for easing you into regular training with low impact exercise accommodating existing injuries and building strong foundations for further exercise.


To enquire or reserve a spot, email info@beyondfitness.co.nz and let us know which level you're in for!


We can’t wait to hear from you.


PS. We limit this challenge to 20 places. It enables us to get to know you, give you undivided attention,  and ultimately reach your desired results.