Training with shoulder pain   Recently updated !

Shoulder pain is a very common training complaint and when left un-managed can develop into a serious injury, which requires rest and lots of rehab. We can prevent many injuries by improving muscle balance and strength. In this blog we will cover off the following: Understanding the shoulder joint Why […]

Three fitness lies we often believe as women

One of the biggest challenges I find working in the fitness industry is sorting through the clutter of information that gets thrown at us, identifying the BS from the truths and the beneficial from the detrimental.  What really gets my blood boiling are the fads, quick-fixes and ideas that prey […]

Why does cellulite occur?

Cellulite! Can we really do anything to get rid of it? Almost all women have cellulite to one degree or another, and it’s generally considered a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. There are numerous so-called treatments for cellulite on the market, but what we want to know is, is there […]

What it’s like to be a Personal Trainer

It is true that as a personal trainer, my job is great. Every day I witness lives change, goals accomplished, and barriers broken.  It’s pretty damn cool! In many ways I feel the profession of personal training, and the trainers themselves, are frequently misunderstood.  People seem to think all we […]

Concussion & Head Injuries

Head injuries and collisions which lead to a concussion has been a growing topic among sports media recently. Much of the interest has come from research, which shows a link between concussion and its long-term effects. Sports people are taking concussion much more seriously these days and unfortunately, it is […]

Insights from a first time Dad

Next month will mark 6 months since becoming a first time dad. How time flies when you’re scrambling like a headless chicken gasping for air, and of course having the time of my life as I watch my son develop and grow day by day. Safe to say I am […]

Nutrition Essentials

We recently ran a nutrition workshop as part of our 8 week challenge. My personal goal was to share some information with participants that hadn’t been shared in previous challenges we had run at Beyond. Hopefully the 6 key points below are things you can apply or keep in mind […]