Foam Rolling & Injury Prevention 1

Do you Love it or Hate it? Foam rolling, some people refer to it as torture and hate every second, whereas others embrace that pain because they know the huge benefits that it can provide. Either way, foam rolling is a very popular form of self-message and can be the […]


A short sharp look at what we all go through… We’ve all done it, and we’ve all lived to regret it. Overindulging, that one little slice of cake ended up being three slices, and then the feeling of failure for doing it! Or an extra glass or two of wine […]

Interview – Jacki Key

Name: Jacki Key Age: 56 Occupation: Photographer Fitness Interests/ Why do you want to stay fit? I want to stay fit and strong so I can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle without being a liability to whoever I’m with – kayaking, mountain biking, bush walking, running and swimming.   What was your […]