About Us

Results, Adventure and Community are at the heart of Beyond Fitness. We are in the business of improving quality of life through increased health and fitness. Life is so much more fun and rewarding when we are feeling good about ourselves. With the demands of everyday life we can forget to prioritise time for ourselves, resulting in a lack of fitness, low confidence and decreased happiness. Ultimately, the team at Beyond Fitness is dedicated to helping you become your best self possible.

Our aim is to go ‘Beyond’ the expectations of our clients! We love to help clients get fit, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle size, or sport specific training – but above all else we want to assist clients with making healthier decisions on a daily basis and forming effective and sustainable habits around health and fitness.

We are a bunch of ‘live life to the full’ kind of people and we understand the importance of having a hobby or a passion. We get our kicks out of watching you gain the mindset and fitness level in order to take part, give it a go and achieve something you may never thought you could have.

We call ourselves Team Beyond for a reason; stepping through our doors and starting your fitness journey with us now makes you one of the team, and together we will tackle and overcome those speedbumps (and trust us, there will be some) so that your end goal is well and truly accomplished.