Interview – Bernadette

Bernadette is a classic example of someone who at this time in life lemons were coming at her from all directions, but still managed to turn them into lemonade. Bern started training at Beyond in June ’16 after her business partner recommended she come along for a consult. Bern is an amazing mum, caring daughter, awesome wife and driven business women, she also has some of the best banter in the studio. Check out the recent chat I had with her over a coffee – hopefully you come across a few gems which can provide some inspiration for you…


Fitness Interests?
I was really athletic at high school. I played netball for my region and water polo at a national level. Through my 20’s (pre kids) I was a real gym bunny! After having kids I started walking 3-4 days per week (or let’s face it – when the kids weren’t stuck to my leg and I could escape them) which was great mentally but wasn’t helping me much with my physical goals


Why Beyond?
The combination of having kids and not getting in the gym was resulting in slow but steady weight gain so back in June a friend booked me in for a consult with the team. I originally thought there was no way I could juggle a fitness plan with everything else going on, but I quickly found my rhythm and it was quite empowering having something that I had complete control over. The team at Beyond were really accommodating and flexible with my situation and training became the best form of distraction and provided the much needed ‘me time’. I also noticed results quickly. There is no greater motivation than that.


Greatest Achievement?
The thing I am most proud of is being able to manage and stick to an exercise plan when I had so many other challenges going on. Although I was already really busy being a mum, wife, business owner, and weekly travelling to CHCH to visit my terminally ill brother, I still managed to find a little bit of time for myself to stay active and to focus on my eating. At the peak of this crazy time I remember Jason saying “if you can still manage to find a little bit of time for yourself and stay active when all of these other challenges are trying to get you down – then nothing will ever stop you in the future.” I try and think about that still when it feels like it’s a bit hard.


Biggest Obstacle?
Creating the time and shifting my perspective about taking time out for myself. Training 3-4 times a week whether it be studio based or a programme Jase got me to do in Christchurch has literally changed my life. The way I feel, my energy levels and my sleep have all improved due to me overcoming previous barriers and actually committing to a regular programme. Changing some habits around what I would eat / drink at social events and in the weekend is still a challenge but I am more mindful now of what I eat. I still have a curry, naan and wine on Friday nights with the hubby (the wine thing sometimes goes into Saturday too……) and I steal a bit of the kid’s ice-cream here and there but I eat well most of the week. I couldn’t do it if I restricted myself all the time.


I have no desire to run marathons or be competitive with my training. I just want to continue down the path I am as I feel I am going in the right direction. I want to look good, feel good and keep up the social / fun part of training.


Top Tips?
– Recording weights / progress has helped me a lot with motivation and tracking my progress
– Wish I had taken a ‘before photo’ although looking back on previous photos has been quite motivating
– Not letting embarrassment be a barrier. As cliché as it sounds, just like climbing a big mountain, the first step to take action will be the hardest! Walking into a gym when you don’t feel your best can be pretty tough, but it’s been worth it.
– Changing lots of little behaviours as opposed to making massive shifts in one area can have a great impact on results.
– Be realistic – I just had six days off the gym as my husband turned 40 and I had a hen’s do in Auckland. I ate and drank and had a brilliant time and it was nice having a little break. But it was awesome knowing that I was going to see Jase on Monday morning for a hard workout to get back on track.