How’s your back?

Have you ever had a sore back or find that your back doesn’t feel as nimble as it used to be?

It has been found that 85% of the population will have some sort of back pain in their life. Back pain is also the leading cause of disability worldwide! By introducing mobility and strengthening exercises specific for back health, we can prevent injury and time off the activities we love.

Try these exercises!

Cat-Cow. Start in a 4 point kneeling position and arch your back up. Try to roll your spine one vertebrae at a time, and then drop your belly down. This helps with the mobility of the spine and engages the core to improve the quality of movement. Try to do 10-20 of these everyday and see how it improves over time.

Glute Bridges. Lying on your back. Bend your knees and bring your feet close to your bottom, hip width apart. Starting by rocking your pelvis back, and slowly peel your bottom and spine off the floor, pressing into your feet. Squeeze your glutes at the top and try to hold this for 5 seconds. Slowly lower down, repeat.

Dead-bugs. Lay on your back with your legs up in a table top position and have your arms parallel to your thighs, palms facing in. Alternating opposite arms and legs while keeping your spine neutral and your core switched on. Do enough until you feel your core heat up and become fatigued. This is the number to work towards each time. Try 2-3 sets.

Deadlift. Using a kettle-bell or barbell, stand with your feet hip width apart with the weight on the floor. Sink your hips back with your back straight and bend your hips and knees to lower down to pick up the weight off the floor. Then stand up from that position, driving your hips up and squeezing your glutes. Try 8-12 reps depending on how heavy your weight is (the heavier the weight the less reps). Try 2-3 sets.

Hopefully these exercises will help to relieve any back pain, if it persists come in and see us soon.