Interview: Ange Tallon AKA The longest standing Beyond fan

I first met Dave back in 2012 when I decided it was time to get back into exercise after having my babies. I had quite a few extra curves, but no time (motherhood right?), so I decided to join Jetts gym because it was the one gym in town I could go to after 7pm once my babies were in bed. I ended up having my initial assessment with Dave because he was the only one who would meet me at 7pm, out of office hours!!!


As I’m sure you can imagine my 7pm gym attempts lasted all of a few weeks and after giving up on that I heard about this ‘amazing bootcamp’ at the domain from a friend. When I turned up guess who was running it?  Dave again! He asked me how the gym sessions were going and I sheepishly admitted that they weren’t.


I had no idea what fresh hell awaited me that morning…..That first bootcamp was so hard, like nothing I had ever done before and I had DOMS for about a week afterwards, but at those bootcamps I found a forum I loved exercising in, a community of like-minded creatures to exercise with (and compete with) and the motivation to consistently get out of bed at 6am twice a week. Something clicked….and I stayed.


Beyond has been on a forever growing journey since I first did those domain bootcamps! I remember Jase’s first bootcamp, the first studio class at the new Beyond HQ and Coralie and Cormac being added to the mix! Then came pilates, Kyle and Naomi, and the reformer. My twice a week sessions morphed into daily workouts…the silver membership became a gold and then I even went in for some PT too! I was hooked!!! (Hello endorphins)


Looking back over my time at Beyond I can’t believe all the things I have had the opportunity to do! I’ve done the 12 week challenge and broken a board (the best way in the world to feel like a total badass), the Taupo half marathon and the hardest sprints of my life with Jase on the Mount beach. I’ve run up the Mount in a ridiculous storm on Christmas Eve with Dave because he won’t take no for an answer. I’ve run the Sydney half marathon, an enduro race, a beginner biathlon and an adventure race or two. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I wouldn’t have done half of this without the Beyond Community egging me on.


Now doing the Strength and Functional classes I feel I have a well-balanced fitness routine and have learnt so much about nutrition along the way while trying hard to tame a serious sweet tooth! I’m currently working on a strength based programme with some running and biking thrown in so I can keep fit for adventure racing. (My newest favourite thing). I’m not the fittest or the leanest, I run like a weirdo and I’m certainly no athlete, but I am relishing the small successes in lifting heavy and running for enjoyment.


Of course I’ve had a few challenges along the way too. I managed to tear my Achilles during a run and I’ve got a janky back. (That’s a medical term right??) Just when I think I’m getting somewhere I manage to throw it out and on go the brakes. It’s so incredibly frustrating, but through a combination of strength and pilates sessions and regular physio I think I’m learning to manage it. (Sorry Dave for all the complaining).


So why have I ended up staying at Beyond for so long? Apparently, I’m the longest standing original member. Embarrassed or proud…?? I’m not sure, but writing this has forced me to think about it…so here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. The PT’s and physios are awesome. No matter what you want to focus on they’ll support you in it and tailor it for you.
  2. Just when I start to get bored they change it up. Constant new challenges and changes have kept me interested.
  3. No class is ever the same (except for maybe that damn German Volume Training… thank God they don’t pull that out too often).
  4. It really is a community where no matter what class I attend I’m guaranteed to be talked to, greeted by a friend or entertained by someone’s class act sense of humour. I’ve attended other gyms where I’ve never spoken to the same person twice. Or even spoken to anyone at all!!
  5. It’s a safe place to be yourself… yes, I have cried during a workout… it’s probably important to mention that it was my own dramas (not the actual gym work).
  6. The studio is about 400m away from my front door.
  7. And the last thing….. which I think is the most important – it’s a gym where a healthy lifestyle, balance and moderation stand way above having the best six pack or fitness industry fads and that suits me perfectly.


A few gems I have learnt during my time at Beyond:

  1. If you’re like me and the scales drive you crazy – don’t weigh yourself. It’s taken a lot of training but I’ve now come to realise your pants will tell you all you need to know.
  2. No good ever came from looking at other peoples abs on Instagram – unfollow those people who make you feel rubbish about your body.
  3. Eat more.
  4. Listen to your physio – those exercises work!
  5. PT can be a really good motivator. I used to think I would find the scrutiny of 1 on 1 sessions unbearable, but I have achieved way more while under the guidance of a PT than I ever had on my own.
  6. Physical activity is the best thing I have ever done for my mental health and wellbeing. (Feel free to ask me about that one if you like…but that’s a whole other story).


I wish I could go back a few years to that first assessment at Jetts gym… just so I could see the changes. We don’t notice little increments along the way so I can’t really tell how far I’ve come. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter though because Beyond is a place I’ve been able to commit to and make work for me – I’ve also attempted so many things I wouldn’t have attempted otherwise if I didn’t have Beyond – so thanks Team!!! It’s been awesome!! I hope you’re not too sick of having me around.