Interview – Jacki Key

Name: Jacki Key

Occupation: Photographer

Fitness Interests/ Why do you want to stay fit?

I want to stay fit and strong so I can enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle without being a liability to whoever I’m with – kayaking, mountain biking, bush walking, running and swimming.


What was your motivation for choosing Beyond for rehab?
I already knew Cormac and he had been a great help in treating a prolapse disc and lower back pain after a fall off my bike. But I had other ongoing issues. I had let myself become unfit, had bad posture, daily pain, was becoming more dependant on inhalers, and I wasn’t sleeping. I was struggling at work and to keep up with the lifestyle I wanted. Alongside physio treatment and pilates exercises, Cormac started me training with Jason to strengthen muscles that were letting me down, improve posture, improve fitness, and to lessen my chances of more injuries. Once I started training with Jason I was motivated to go further, setting a goal to get fit enough to do more adventurous activities that I had stopped taking part in or never actually done before. One of these was running. I had become unable to even run 100 metres comfortably, and would get asthma and back pain, I have since become fit and strong enough to complete a 10k run without the use of inhalers or any back pain. I can also take part in longer and more adventurous bike rides I enjoy without total exhaustion and lagging behind.


How do you think you have benefited from having both physio and fitness training at
the same venue?

The benefits of having physio and a personal trainer in one place for me is – they are both there, so they can work together discussing what is best for you on the spot. The physio knows your physical weaknesses and can work with the trainer to make a plan that
reinforces your treatment. The trainer can problem solve difficulties with physio and come up with solutions specific to your needs. Having support from both in one place is just great.


What is your opinion of training at Beyond / What do you like most about training with Beyond Fitness?
I really like the community spirit at Beyond. They give back to the community, supporting young athletes, but it’s not all about athletes. They give back to community groups and they take you as you are. There are people from all walks of life and at many different fitness levels all aiming to achieve their individual goals. I’m not a gym junkie and have  never managed to attend a gym regularly before. Jason is the most motivating and motivated person I’ve met but he never pushes too far. and Cormac is great at fixing you when you’re broken, he is very knowledgeable and looks at the big picture, not just whats hurting. Beyond has a fun and friendly atmosphere. Putting it in a nutshell – I just feel comfortable. They don’t just treat you or train you, they educate you.


What is your goal/target for rehab?
My rehab goal is to enjoy running longer distances at a reasonable pace without difficulty. I want to complete a half marathon and there are a couple of challenging bike rides planned for next year.


What are your three top rehab tips for others?
1. Do the exercises.
2. Have patience.
3. Have fun.


Nice work Jacki, it is a pleasure training you, and seeing your amazing progress.