Interview – Lindsay Beck

This article covers some info regarding one of our clients who is having both physio and personal training to help him return to full health, post injury.


As a population, we are living longer – sometimes this is due to a healthy lifestyle and sometimes due to advances in the medical fields. Regardless, as we are using our bodies over a longer period of time compared to our ancestors, it is important we look after them! This will assist with remaining fitter and staying healthier into our later years. During our lifetime, our knees endure a lot of abuse with minor and major injuries to them through everyday life, sports and accidents. As we age, our bones and joints age too, becoming less pliable / stiffer. Damage can also lead to delayed injury with wear and tear to the cartilage which unfortunately can ultimately result in osteoarthritis in later years.


Osteoarthritis of the knee can result in having a Total Knee Replacement (TKR). In the US the total number of TKR has doubled recently, which is likely to be linked to an increased aging population involved in sport and leisure activities. While at the same time, the average age of joint replacement has reduced, which is again thought to be due to sporting activity of adults and intensity of sporting involvement, amongst other factors.


Lindsay is a client with us at Beyond Fitness and has come to us with the challenge of helping him return to activity and sport following a bilateral knee replacement in April. Lindsay is in his mid-50s and enjoys biking, hiking and surfing. His goal was to return to all these sports as soon as possible post-surgery.  After the op, Lindsay’s rehab program started with a physiotherapy assessment which helped highlight his needs so I could create the best treatment plan. This involved prescribing some home rehab (to ensure he was able to perform basic functions) before progressing to a studio based rehab programme at Beyond Fitness.


The studio sessions were designed based on Lindsay’s capabilities and limitations of the knee at each stage of his rehab. Lindsay has been steadily progressing through his rehab, increasing both exercise tolerance and leg strength.  Lindsay is now completing a physiotherapy guided exercise program with a Beyond Fitness trainer. This will address his rehab while safely challenging his physical fitness. Lindsay’s strength, balance and flexibility is improving every day. He is well on the way to catching some waves at Main Beach this summer!


Beyond Fitness provides both Physiotherapy and Personal Training under the same roof allowing us to work together so we can provide the injured client a gradual rehab program from base level exercise through to advanced rehab specifically designed for each individual’s goals.


Patients who have had a TKR should be encouraged to remain physically active for general health and also for the quality of their bone health. There is evidence that increased bone quality will improve joint replacement fixation and decrease the incidence of early loosening.
The most important question to ask when designing an exercise program for rehab…

‘Is this specific activity harmful or effective given the person’s stage of rehab?’


If the exercise prescribed is too easy then the client will not develop improvements.  On this flipside, exercises that provide too much intensity can be harmful for the client’s progress resulting in more damage.
To maintain physical fitness, exercise must be the right level intensity and repeated a number of times per week. Unfortunately, recreational exercise alone may not create the physical adaptions you are wishing to acquire. Recommendations for return to sport following TKR depend on age, previous fitness level and sport specific movements.


We at Beyond Fitness love to geek out and work together with clients to overcome these challenges! We get a real satisfaction from helping our clients return to full functionality following injury, and improving the overall quality of peoples’ lives!
Check out Lindsay’s interview below for some more inspiration!


Name: Lindsay Beck
Age: 57
Occupation: Director
Fitness Interests:  Surfing, cycling


What was your motivation for choosing Beyond for rehab?
Friends referral; the fact that I could do my physio and fitness training all under one roof.


Do you think you have benefited from having both physio and fitness training at the same venue?
Definitely as my physio and personal trainer liaise to design a customized programme


What is your opinion of training at Beyond / What do you like most about training with Beyond Fitness?
The friendly and open environment and great staff. Also the flexible and varied routine options adds to the appeal


What is your goal/target for rehab?
Be surfing this summer


What are you three top rehab tips for others?


1. Set a goal
2. Stay focused
3. Push yourself


Is there anything else you would like to add?
Just do it!