Interview – Lindsay Crean – 32 weeks pregnant

Take it from us (and any other member of Beyond Fitness who knows Lindsay), she came, she conquered, and blew us away with her attitude and all-embracing style to pregnancy.


Hear it from Lindsay’s side, right from the pregnant lady’s mouth…


I joined Beyond Fitness in 2015 and had mainly been doing strength classes and some functional. I was averaging 3 classes a week and really noticing the difference from my past fitness routine which consisted of casual bootcamps and running.


When I found out I was pregnant I stopped going to the gym in those early couple of months as I didn’t want to do anything that may cause any harm to the baby. During this time I got quite tired and lethargic and looking back on it I think it was also partly to do with stopping exercise completely. As soon as I passed the 12 week point I was organising with Dave to come back to the classes, which to my surprise he was all for. I was under the impression that it wouldn’t really work as I would need heaps of attention in order to get a good workout – I didn’t want to be that person.


Since then I have been going to just the strength classes. I found these classes’ were great as you can tailor them to suit you, in my case lighter weights and less intensity. I was coming twice a week on average during the last 5 months. I would work with Dave, Jase and Coralie in order to find an alternative exercise if and when it became uncomfortable.


My main motivators to keep going was knowing how good I would feel after the classes, completely rejuvenated and energized. It was quite noticeable the days when I hadn’t been to the gym compared to the mornings I had been. I had more energy throughout the day and generally a more positive attitude towards everything. I have read lots of times the importance of exercising during pregnancy and how this can help you and the baby during labor and after the baby is born.


The hardest part of the classes were the early mornings and any exercises that was core focused. I stopped doing core exercises quite early on, due to the discomfort. During the classes I was always really careful to listen to my body and anything that was uncomfortable I would stop and find an alternative exercise.


I was able to continue the classes until week 32, way longer than I thought I would manage! This was thanks to the Beyond Fitness guys, they would always help and advise with safe pregnancy exercises. I never once felt uncomfortable being a pregnant lady at their classes, everyone at the gym were always really supportive and encouraging. I cannot wait to start back again post pregnancy (and also a little scared as I know it’s going to hurt – but so worth it!).


Thank you Beyond Fitness!