Interview: Moana Taylor – A dedicated Beyond fan

Moana is one of our longest standing members, she’s a hard-working, amazing role model who is a delight to be around. 


We asked Moana a few questions about why she likes Beyond and we got some honest answers (just how we like it).


Here’s what Moana had to say.


Why did you come to Beyond in the first place?


After my last pregnancy I gave myself a year before getting back into training. On the birthday of youngest baby Audrey, my friend Leanna invited me to come along to Beyond. They haven’t been able to get rid of me since!


I have 4 daughters and a son who watch what I do and my desire is that they see a fit healthy mum who works hard and feels great for it, even if it’s the last thing I feel like doing. I am hopeful that the example I am setting will be positive for them.


How long have you been a member?


Coming up 4 years. And they get an anniversary gift each year of my way of saying thanks.


Why has Beyond been good for your fitness?


I like that I can change my sessions to fit what I am working on i.e. if my cardio is lacking I do more functional classes, or if I need slower more controlled movements, I do more strength classes.


The more I train at Beyond the more the Trainers get to know me. This has made my training way more specific to me because they know my strengths and weaknesses and know when I need to be pushed (or left alone).


Why do you think Beyond is different to other gyms?


My favourite difference is the limited spaces for every session. Having no more than 10 people at one time means the training is more focused and correct technique is easier to follow.


It’s much harder to hide with small numbers too and although I love to hate it and hate to love it, I can’t hide, and that’s why I get stronger. I need to be pushed and I get that at Beyond, and it comes with plenty of hassling and a whole lot of laughter!


Over the past year I have had a shoulder injury which makes lots of movements difficult for me, so smaller classes means the team are able to alter specific exercises to suit what I can do.


What’s your favourite thing about coming to Beyond?


Dave, Coralie, Cormac and Naomi. Having a great team to train you is amazing. They keep me accountable, call me when I am being slack and don’t take any bull shit excuses.


The people who train us and the community of people we train with make it what it is.


I have 5 kids at home and although leaving the house at 5.45am to get to a class is never easy, it’s a great way to get out and have some adult social interaction. It keeps me sane and no matter what, I am a way better version of myself when I return home afterwards.


I love the crew at Beyond and am thankful for such a great place to train. Thanks for all the hard work you put in….and thanks Dave for being a consistent pain in everyone’s butt!


My advice for anyone looking to join a gym would be to find a place that you’re comfortable in. A place that you feel safe, encouraged and part of a family. Well, that’s what I think anyway.