Interview: Sean Washer – the 2nd youngest member at Beyond

When I first meet Dave I was about 9 (I’m now 16). Dave was a white water canoe slalom coach, who coached my oldest brother Patrick (the runt of the family). Back then I didn’t think I’d be a kayker but blow me down, 3 years later I start kayaking (Mum made me). By then Dave had moved on from coaching and had gone into the fitness industry.


But Dave couldn’t stay away from his kayaking roots and started a kayak-specific gym session for us every Tuesday. I joined the group halfway through 2016, with my middle brother Kieran (the farmer of the family). Looking back I don’t know why I waited so long, Dave soon won me over with fun sessions and good banter.


I got so into the sessions that I decided to do some Personal Training at the beginning of 2017. By far, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. When I started personal training I weighed 103.8kg. In 10 months I dropped to 83.8kg, stoked!


It’s been a hell of a good time since joining Beyond; going to the gym 3 times a week, using up all my data sending photos of what I eat to Dave (apparently this helps with staying accountable for what I eat), running a half marathon, and best of all meeting the All Blacks Seven’s captain, the one and only Scott Curry.


Dave had made me a deal that when I got to 15kg’s weight loss, Scott would come and do a gym session with me. Not going to lie, that was a pretty big incentive and I totally did it. And not only did Scott do a workout with me, he gave a couple of his Olympic jerseys – it made my week. What a guy.



My goal for the half marathon was to do it in under 2:06, I managed it in 2:03 instead. I came 3rd under 17 (out of 4). The best thing about completing the half marathon was that I’ve done a half marathon and my brothers haven’t. Dave is trying to talk me into doing a full marathon, but we will wait and see, this requires a lot more running.


The best thing about losing weight is the deals I’d make with the trainers every week. If I managed to lose a certain amount of weight they would do burpees. I once made Jase do 260 burpees and Dave do 190 burpees as well as 30 sled pushes. But they are still winning because they have made me do a lot more than 450 burpees over the year.


So to summarise, Patrick can still beat me at body weight exercises (give me another 12 months), but I beat him at weights. Kieran no longer comes to the gym and as a result he is winning the competition of who weighs the most. Let the brother banter continue.