Nicole’s pregnancy journey

As Personal Trainers, we get to experience and be a part of some amazing journeys.

And one journey we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing is that of Nicole Brownlee.

Nicole joined Beyond three and a half years ago and we’ve seen her get fitter and stronger. Nicole’s main focus was to work on keeping strong and injury free for her big goals. And it’s through her focus and dedication she was able to compete in Coast to Coast, Ultra-marathons and various other multisport events. She’s a legend.

Nicole clearly has a love for the outdoors and adventure, and keeping fit and active. Which set her up perfectly for her next big goal 𑁋 growing a baby (and giving birth).

We’ve loved seeing Nicole grow (literally) and helping her stay fit and well throughout her pregnancy.

In Nicole’s words, here is an insight into her pregnancy and how she approached the whole journey.


Becoming Pregnant

Luckily, I have felt well throughout. And I put part of this down to having an active, healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. By keeping my body and mind healthy will keep my baby the same. Keeping active during pregnancy is important, but will obviously be different from one person to the next. And I count myself very lucky to have had the journey I have.

Because I was active prior to falling pregnant I was able to carry on with regular exercise. If you find out you are pregnant and want to start doing some form of exercise I’d highly recommend checking with your doctor or midwife first.


First Trimester

I found this time a little challenging. I found high-intensity exercise tiring, so I did more strength based sessions. I also listened to my body and took every day as it came. Which meant I took it easy on those really tired days, and made sure I was getting lots of rest.

As soon as I could, I told the Beyond trainers I was pregnant. They were able to accommodate with different exercises and made sure I wasn’t doing anything I shouldn’t be.

I continued to eat healthy nourishing food in order to fuel my body with the nutrients it needed to keep growing a healthy baby. It also allowed me to carry on exercising as I had all the right fuel.


Second Trimester

I felt great during this time so continued on with the strength and pilates classes at Beyond, three times a week.

The strength classes were perfect as I could work with the trainers to tailor exercises to suit. It was important to avoid core exercises or twisting from now on in all classes, so having them give me alternative exercises was key.

Things like walking downstairs, single leg exercises and running became harder as I grew and my balance changed. I listened to my body and as soon as anything was uncomfortable, I stopped. Running being one of them, I stopped at 26 weeks and spent more time on the bike wind trainer instead.


My body changed a lot in this period and felt it was important to find exercise clothes that I was comfortable in, so I got a few tops and tights from Cotton On and I was ready for more bump to grow.


Third Trimester

I did start to slow down and I took each day as it came (and I still am). During strength classes I didn’t worry about what weight I was using as long as I felt comfortable with it.

With carrying more weight I found regular massages and visits to the Osteo worked wonders, and kept me from having hip and back pain.

Throughout my pregnancy I was swimming twice a week. It’s now that I’m thankful that I still have a form of exercise that has no impact and my body feels amazing for it.

I was still exercising (comfortably) daily and up to the day before I gave birth.


What next?

Make sure I stay happy and healthy for our beautiful, healthy baby boy, Toby, who was born in the early days of October.

As for my own fitness, I do have some realistic goals set. For me, having goals keeps me focused and the passion alive! I have an understanding husband and look forward to adventuring with my new sidekick! A healthy happy mum means a healthy happy baby.

Thanks to everyone at Beyond for helping me through.

From a trainer point of view, Nicole has taken pregnancy in her stride, taken all the necessary precautions and is very safe in what she does.

It is important to understand that every pregnancy is very different and what works for some may not work for others.

We support each and every one of our Mums-to-be in any way we can in a very controlled, safe environment.