A short sharp look at what we all go through…

We’ve all done it, and we’ve all lived to regret it. Overindulging, that one little slice of cake ended up being three slices, and then the feeling of failure for doing it! Or an extra glass or two of wine that tipped you over the edge and made you feel pretty second hand the next morning.


It’s easy to treat a social outing as an excuse to have a bit of a binge, only to have the repercussions of it the next day – bloated, feeling like you have a food hangover and maybe even a little disappointed with yourself leading to days of regret – being super careful what you eat and thrashing yourself with extra exercise. It’s hard when you have got a good routine going and it all turn’s turkey in an instant.
Here are a couple of my theories…

‘All in Moderation’ whilst not feeling deprived of things that we enjoy. If we keep depriving ourselves of things that is normally when it leads to craving it more.
A book I read quite a few years ago…’Beyond Chocolate’ had a great strategy that I try to reinforce. It’s about intuitive eating, learning to listen to your body so that you can make food choices that really work for you.

Establishing a healthy and satisfying relationship with food – trusting yourself to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. It’s okay to have a treat but really tuning in when eating, slowing down and enjoying the taste of the food. By actually stopping to check if you are still enjoying the experience, this will help you realise you don’t actually have to finish the whole plate/piece/bottle, whatever it may be, and ensure that you never eat or drink more than you truly want.

One of my fave’s and one I practice on a regular basis is ‘energy in = energy out’. So if you have a day where you don’t do a great deal of exercise this should be a day you keep things a little lighter on the diet. I don’t think I need to tell you the opposite side of this theory.

This probably isn’t information you haven’t read before, but it does require constant practice and awareness.

Final thoughts…
…Check in when eating, use your mindset to control the moment.
…Learning and practicing the shift from ‘eating for the sake of eating’ to ‘moderation and enjoyment’ will have you feeling empowered!

Here’s to moderation and self-love.