Protecting ourselves from ‘gym germs’

The thought of ‘gym germs’ may creep you out a little, but instead of letting it put you off going to the gym lets highlight ways to eliminate germs and keep things clean.

The good news is, if you follow some simple rules, you can cut down on your chances of getting sick, and focus on having a great workout!

These may seem a bit like common knowledge but it is always good to remind ourselves of what we think we know.


  1. Wipe equipment before and after use

The main problem is what we touch. Some bacteria’s can live on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. Wipe down the surface prior to using with provided spray and paper towels to protect yourself, and then afterwards to protect others. It is no good using our towels to wipe down equipment as this has already come into contact with our skin when we use them to wipe our sweat.


  1. Practice good hygiene

Most germs are spread with our hands. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before leaving the gym. While at the gym, try to be mindful not to touch your face or mouth with your hands.


  1. Bring a sweat towel
    We cannot stress enough for people to bring and use towels. Not only does it help control excessive sweating getting on the equipment and floor, it helps provide an extra barrier between you and the equipment you are using. Not to mention it can help hide your facials when you are in that much pain (see above for example).


  1. Cover cuts / safeguard your skin
    Keep your cuts and grazes covered with a plaster or bandage until they are healed. Wearing a pair of gym gloves will help avoid direct contact from the equipment as well as protecting your hands.


  1. Get yourself vaccinated

Being vaccinated against common diseases gives you extra protection and will also prevent you from spreading germs to others.

It really is all common sense but easily forgotten. It’s something that we should all have learned in primary school but also great to refresh on, and reinforce.