Uncovered: Shredding for the Wedding


-We are super lucky to have such a loyal, dedicated and fun member of Beyond. Char (now) Steward gives us the ‘behind the scenes’ in the build up to looking her best for, in her words, ‘the best day ever!’ AKA her wedding day.


Trust the process. This became the wedding ‘mantra’.


Like any bride I wanted to present my best possible self on my wedding day. Right from the engagement I was conscious of exercise and mindful eating. I was blessed with an addictive personality and as a result I threw myself into exercising everyday, if not twice a day as ‘preparation’ for the big day.


Half way through 2017 I didn’t feel like I was achieving my goals and what I was doing was certainly not sustainable from a work, life balance and health perspective, cue Beyond.


I have been a part of the Beyond community for a number of years, back in the day when we did boot camps at the Domain. As a big part of my health and wellness life I knew I could trust in the Beyond team’s advice, but when I was told I was exercising too much and not eating enough I questioned them in their ability to help me reach my goal. I challenged myself to leave my own health and wellness theories at the door and committed to a personalised programme that focused on building muscle, getting enough protein in my diet and allowing my body to recover.


I’m not going to lie, there were times in my journey that I questioned the programme as I was confronted with contradictory information online to that of the programme which had been personalised to my goals and my individual make up. I continued to remind myself to trust the process and stick to the plan, and what do you know, the plan worked. Beyond gave me the tools to achieve my goal, all I had to do was stay committed and trust the process.


I have never felt so good in my own skin than I did on my wedding day, and the greatest thing about it is, the programme Beyond gave me is 100% without a doubt sustainable, I’ve learnt more about health and wellness in the past 4 months from the Beyond team than all the mass confusion of information I’ve digested in the past 10 years. Thank you team!



Mission accomplished. #nailedit