What is it with us ladies and our body image!?

After a conversation in the studio the other morning, it reminded me that we can be a funny bunch.


The topic was togs. And how totally out of our comfort zones we feel wearing them – every time I put mine on my inner voice screams cover up FFS! Look at the state of those legs.


I gingerly walking out to the pool and think ‘quick get into the pool where no one can see me’…until I have to get out again, argghhh. Why do I even care what other people think about my body?


Personally, I wouldn’t dream of thinking or saying horrible things about someone and their body so not sure why I am so hard on my own!?


So it got me to thinking…


What can we do to help us feel better about our own bodies?

  1. Accept compliments – As hard as it is for some of us, if someone pays you a compliment – accept it gracefully, with no humility or disagreements.
  2. Unfollow celebrities on Facebook and Instagram that make you feel inadequate. These people are paid to look like this, not to mention the photo-shopping that goes on. Reality is that we are just awesome, everyday people with normal jobs that don’t require us to look like that.
  3. Eating well – when we eat good clean food it gives us such an overall feeling of wellness. You’ll start to feel healthier on the outside if you eat well for your insides.
  4. Buying togs – if you’re like me and this is a bit of a sore point, I suggest spending the time and money to find a really nice pair of togs that are right for your body shape and that you feel amazing in. Totally worth the investment.
  5. Get moving – we all know it. Exercise not only gives you the feel good endorphins but also keeps us looking good.


Yes, I can totally sympathise that as we get older the metabolism slows, those irritating stretch marks just won’t budge, not to mention gravity kicking in. But if you’re healthy and feel amazing – these superficial things shouldn’t matter.


So here it is, learn to love yourself. Look in the mirror and say ‘you are beautiful just the way you are’. Learn to love your body for all its curves, im(perfections) and hold your head high and OWN IT, you will feel and look stronger and in control of the situation.


I challenge you as I am going to challenge myself. I’ve got a lot more years in this body so the more I can love it the better life will be.