Whats your motivation?

For as long as an A4 piece of paper, we want to tug on your thinking mechanisms and have you become aware of your reasons why and how you get motivated. Below will either; confirm your already ingrained motivation, or (hopefully) unveil the motivation you might be searching for to achieve something whether it be big or small.


A motivation is finding a stimulus within you to act, move and progress into achieving something. That ‘something’ is so very different for each and every individual. It might be as simple as getting the motivation after a tough day at work to take the dog for a walk, where do we get motivation to do this? For most it will be to see the pure delight on their puppy dog’s face when they’re chasing the ball around a park or crashing through the waves at the beach. Some people get motivated because it pleases or helps others around them, some get it by seeing the positive outcomes in their lives and some get it from an inner ambition to conquer the things they deem as high risk. The most important thing to remember for any of these reasons is why it is important to YOU. If you can figure that part out and keep that as the constant reminder then the motivation will come naturally.


So what gets you motivated to get out of bed in the morning for a gym class, a bike ride or run before work? The impulse can come from knowing how much of a better day at work you’ll have by exercising beforehand or that each and every session you get up for is your one step closer to achieving that ‘something’ you want so badly.


Looking and feeling good in a dress for a night out, fitting those pants you wore a few years ago, a big sporting event or physical challenge, coming back from injury, setting your body up to function well as you get older, being pain free from body malfunctions, feeling fit and healthy, wanting to be a good role model for your kids…these are just some of the goals we come across every day. Depending on the individual, we will all have different impulses that form the steps to achieve these types of goals. The impulses might come naturally to some, but for others it can be a real challenge to get things kick started.


What gets in the way of your motivation?

  • Self-disbelief – saying to yourself ‘you can’t’ because you believe you are not capable. How do you know unless you try?
  • Scared of failure – Not trying in the first place because you ‘might’ fail is a phase a lot of us go through. It’s the ability of being able to talk through the steps and creating a plan to eliminate the fear of failure that is key.
  • Denial – One of the scariest reasons why people do not have the motivation to make change. What will it take to accept the challenge and realise that goals won’t be achieved without the internal motivation to take action?
  • Artificial barriers – aka excuses. ‘My alarm didn’t go off’, ‘it’s raining’, ‘I don’t have time’. If your motivation is true then these sorts of thoughts are merely a very quick, passing state of mind.


At Beyond we are experts in planning, goal setting, supporting, advising and giving you undivided attention to help keep your motivation levels up. HOWEVER, there is only so much an external source of motivation can help the process. What we need is a combined force of motivation – this way reactions happen, sparks fly and before we know we are the road heading for bigger and better things.


Can we help you get motivated? What’s the harm in a quick email or phone call to answer that exact question.